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“We help our clients make sound financial decisions.”

– James McKenna, CFP®
Five Star Wealth Manager Award Winner 2016, 2017, 2018*

“We build client relationships based on trust, competent professional advice, continual communication and prompt personal service.”

– Bob McKenna


Investment Strategy

What’s your vision for success? Starting there, we can design a personal investment strategy tailored toward achieving your goals while taking appropriate risk.

Strategic Planning

Inflation, taxes, and a number of influences affect asset growth and preservation. Protect present wealth and maximize future accumulation utilizing a strategic plan.

Personal / Family Trusts

Trusts are for transferring wealth and assets while avoiding unnecessary expenses. Flexible trust management options make distributing assets easy.

Protection Planning

Defend property with an asset protection plan. Asset protection planning moves wealth beyond the grasp of courts, creditors, and more.

Real Clients, Real Results

Meet some of our clients and hear about their success.


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We’re here to help you plan for your financial success.  That means developing and utilizing a transparent wealth strategy you can clearly understand. Know what you’re committing to before moving forward with a simple breakdown of services, goals, and fees.

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Active Guidance

Get timely recommendations, make necessary adjustments, and stay updated with a regular portfolio review. We’re always available to answer questions, make changes to a portfolio, and more to grow and preserve wealth.

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Since 1969, McKenna Financial has helped the people of San Diego in pursuit of building wealth, protecting assets and achieving financial goals. The strong personal relationships we build and maintain with our clients are the foundation of our firm.

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Financial Services

Explore the range of possibilities for protecting assets and growing wealth. Plan for the future you want with McKenna Financial.

Retirement Planning

Develop, grow, and maintain Traditional IRA accounts, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Rollover IRA, and more.


Risk Mitigation

Prepare for the unexpected with insurance and contingency-planning services to reduce risk and protect assets.


College Planning

Save money for future education expenses with a tax-free 529 plan.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Plan for the future of your finances with ongoing and prudent advice on tax strategy, portfolio and asset management, estate planning, and more.

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